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CS Psychological Services update

CS Psychological Services update – 24 May 2017 (PDF Version)

Your PSA representatives have met with the Executive Director of Community Services Clare Donnellan and have discussed the issues you have brought up. After a successful meeting, we have come to agreements regarding the following matters:

Behaviour support plans

The Restricted Practices Group is developing a new set of Behaviour Support Guidelines. The paper was forwarded to the CS Psychological Services Vocational Group Executive and the feedback will be forwarded to the Restricted Practices Group.

Role descriptions

The current role descriptions will be reviewed and updated to reflect the capability framework. The Executive Director has agreed no amendments to Role Descriptions will happen without consultation with Team Leaders and PSVAG.

Annual conference

It was agreed the current Award provides for Professional Development for Psychologists and therefore needs to occur. As a result, this year’s conference has been tentatively considered for October/November 2017.


It has been determined that the current establishment is 64 funded positions: one Director, seven Team Leaders, and 56 Psychologists.

Director of Psychological Services

This position is not currently being advertised as it is likely to be affected by the current reforms. Any decisions about advertising the role will be made once the impact of these reforms is known.

Belinda Edwards will remain acting in this role for at least the next six months.

Quarterly meetings

Quarterly meetings between PSA representatives, the Director of Psychological Services and the Executive Director of Community Services State-wide Services will be reinstated.

If there are any issues, they will be initially raised with the Director of Psychological Services.

We will continue working together to have your concerns heard and addressed. Your PSA representatives are your voice in the workplace.

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