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Cuts to DEC Regional Offices

The Deputy Director General Schools announced today on top of the $1.7 b cuts from the Education announced yesterday that the current 10 DEC Regional Office structure will be radically changed.
At a meeting with the PSA today over the restructure of the State Office public schools functions which have been under review since 30 May 2012 and will result in approximately 200 job losses, he informed the PSA that:
  • The existing DEC Regional Office structure will no longer exist
  • The ten current DEC Regional Directors will be replaced by 5 Executive Directors
  • The Department is currently establishing the leadership team
  • Consultation as to the new structure will commence once the leadership team has been formed
  • There will be no job cuts from DEC Regional Offices till 2013
In an announcement to staff the Department has confirmed that there is a blue print of key aspects of a new model but no details.
Details will apparently be forthcoming once the new leadership team has been assembled. It is clear though that the loss of the existing Regional structure despite reassurances will lead to less support to our schools.
PSA members are urged to Stop Work on 8 October in support of public education and against job cuts that will impede educational outcomes for NSW public school students.

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