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FACS Hunter Residences Staff Transfers and Change Management Plan for Staff not Transferring

FACS Hunter Residences Staff Transfers and Change Management Plan for Staff not Transferring – June 2019 (pdf version)

On 29 May 2019 FACS emailed staff advising of the Hunter Residences Staff Transfer Translation principles to Supported Independent Living providers HERE and the Change Management plan for all FACS NSW Disabilities Staff including Hunter Residences staff remaining with FACS HERE.

Members will recall that in March, all employees in ongoing, temporary or casual roles as Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses and Assistants in Nursing were asked to identify a client and/or location preference. Day Program staff were also invited to submit a nomination form.

The 29 May FACS advice indicated the following arrangements would be put in place for staff.

Nursing staff

Not all staff will transfer to the new providers. All Registered Nurses will transfer, no Enrolled Nurses will transfer and most Assistants in Nursing will transfer.

Translation Principles outline the basis and principles for decisions about staff transfer.

Day program staff

Day Program staff will not transfer to SIL providers.  Residents will be able to choose their day programs, as many do now, and SIL providers will make their own arrangements for day programs. Day program staff will continue to be employed in FACS until residents move and FACS will support employees through Change Management Plan activities and the Managing Excess Employees Policy.

How FACS will support staff out of scope for transfer?

For all staff, nursing or other staff who are not transferring, FACS will:

Provide paid study leave for any staff member who wishes to pursue a qualification or training to improve their career prospects.

Will have $1 million to support education for all staff.

Provide career planning and support through a local company with experience in career planning and supporting job seeking activities.

The local company will also support staff to access learning and development opportunities.

Change management plan

The PSA requests that members forward any concerns or issues to or call Member Support Centre 1300 772 679 please quote call number 114795.

A local consultative meeting is planned for Stockton on 5 June 2019 and a members meeting scheduled for 6 June 2019 please contact your local delegates for further information.

If members at other FACS residences seek a visit by a PSA representative, please call PSA MSC 1300 772 679.

Your Delegates:

Hunter Residences

Darrin Morgan

Sharon May

Simon Johnson

Gwenda Keenan

Michael Mackie


Heihana Henare

Casuarina Grove

Rex Wylie

The Statewide consultative meeting will be the PSA FACS Joint Consultative meeting on 20 June 2019 it would be appreciated if delegates can forward issues to by the 13th of June 2019


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