Government back-down on unsupervised hunting welcome - Public Service Association

Government back-down on unsupervised hunting welcome

The Public Service Association of NSW has welcomed the State government’s response to the Dunn Report and its backdown on allowing unsupervised access for hunting in national parks.

Acting General Secretary Greg Delprado said the report found there was an “inherent conflict associated with its [Game Council] functions to both represent the interests of hunters, and to regulate their activities”.

“Leaving hunters to regulate themselves was never a good idea.  And letting hunters run free inside National Parks, unsupervised, was an even worse idea,” Mr Delprado said today.

Mr Delprado said the Dunn Report highlighted the need to have an independent regulator in place to oversee the behaviour of hunters and sporting shooters.

“We have been campaigning on this issue for many months, and we are pleased to finally see some progress,” he said.

PSA_Media Release_Game Council_040713 (PDF)

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