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Job and Income Security will be the Key Election Issue for Working People

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

by the Australian Council of Trade Unions

The ACTU calls for a real and extensive discussion on job security, following the Prime Minister
Julia Gillard’s announcement of a date for the federal Election and a commitment to focus on jobs.

ACTU President, Ged Kearney, said the PM’s surprise announcement should be the trigger to
intensifying discussion around issues Australian’s care about the most.

“As Australians mark September 14 in their calendars as the date for this year’s Federal Election
they will be hoping that the time has finally come to discuss job and income security,” Ms Kearney

“The Unions Australia call centre received thousands of calls over the past 12 months from people
concerned about their pay rates, job security and unfair rostering.”

“That’s what people will want to know. Will their jobs support them, their families and their
future? That’s what the discussion about secure work entails; ensuring fair pay, conditions and
career opportunities.”

Now that we know when the election will be held there is no excuse for Tony Abbott to withhold
information about his plans for Australian workplaces and job security, she said.

“We want to know where you stand on worker’s right, Mr Abbott.”

Ms Kearney said she was pleased the PM has identified industry policy, secure jobs and balancing
work and caring for families in her Press Club speech today, and she welcomed a further and more
extensive public discussion.

“The PM also rightly pointed to global pressures that affects Australia but while we can’t control
the globe, we can influence the policies and laws that protect and serve the Australian people, the
most important of which is fairness in the workplace.”

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