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‘Leading the way’: Art Gallery Health and Safety Representative negotiations commence

HSR - May 2021 (PDF version)

On Thursday 13 May 2021, Health and Safety Representative (HSR) negotiations between the PSA and the Art Gallery of NSW (AGNSW) commenced. The negotiation was productive.

In consultation with AGNSW workers, the PSA proposed forming three workgroups.

  1. Collections (four HSRs)
  2. Engagement (three HSRs)
  3. Finance/Development/Directorate (three HSRs)

As has been raised by AGNSW workers, four HSRs are requested for Collections due to the diversity of locations and types of work. Three HSRs are requested for the other workgroups.

The PSA also stated elections for HSRs are separate to the Health and safety committee members.

The PSA was represented by your PSA Delegates Paula Dredge, John Freckleton and Deborah Jones; PSA Work, Health and Safety Officer Suzanne Mann, and PSA Organiser Davis Murphy. The PSA requested the next negotiation be held in early June 2021.

The AGNSW was represented by Chief Operating Officer Hakan Harman; Head of People, Governance and Services Donna Grubb; and People and Culture Manager Sandra Woods. The AGNSW is currently considering the PSA’s request.

HSRs play an important role. They are elected to represent all AGNSW workers on health and safety matters. For more information, please email your PSA Delegates, or click HERE.

The April 2021 PSA HSR training session was attended by more than 75 AGNSW workers. At this training, AGNSW workers requested the PSA promptly initiate HSR negotiations. Now, in May 2021, the AGNSW workforce is leading the way for all Cultural Institutions regarding the election of HSRs.

The PSA will keep AGNSW workers updated as HSR negotiations continue.

Your voice at the AGNSW

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