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Ministerial Drivers Bulletin

By this time you will have heard the decision to move the funding for Ministerial driving duties to the Ministers’ offices has been reversed. The moving of funding, as you know would have led to uncertainty of obtaining employment, uncertainty of employment at all, and atrocious conditions if you got a role.

This is the result we strove for but we know that it will take some time for you to process. Basically the LBSOs have been put through the mill for years now with the announcement just before Christmas last year of the funding move being the low point. This year has been a trial for you all.

The lack of respect has been staggering.

We say now that we have won. Through the efforts of the PSA, of our legal team, of our brilliant delegates, and of all you we have won. But we can well imagine that it is hard to know how to feel at the moment. Our members have been through a lot and we will make sure that message is understood by management at all levels.

We will have further discussion as the days go by.

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