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Ministerial Drivers update

Firstly, the PSA would like to acknowledge and thank your PSA Delegates David Jarrett and Andrew Johnston. Given the timing of the announced changes on the eve of the Christmas break, your Delegates played an important role in offering support and clarification to members during the uncertainty over the holidays.

The decision to allow Ministers and their officers alone to determine the pay and conditions of employees with previously established conditions without consistency or oversight, with the benefit cited in the CMP that this would provide Ministers with greater ‘flexibility’ and ‘control’ shows a deafness to events on the political landscape of 2021.

While the amount of money that will be allocated to the Ministerial Offices will mirror the amount provided to the Department of Premier and Cabinet to operate the driving pool, the conditions of employment under the Minister’s Office Handbook will in practice mean less job security, no overtime and less say over your hours of work.

The PSA and staff have now been provided with the draft Change Management Plan (CMP) and invited to provide feedback. The consultation period concludes Wednesday 16 February 2022.

The CMP refers to the Managing Excess Employees Policy, linked HERE.

PSA will be providing written feedback on the CMP, if you would like your feedback included please email to quoting call number 158920.

If you have questions regarding your individual circumstances and how you will be impacted please contact the Member Support Centre to discuss your matter with a Member Support Officer, matters will be escalated where required.

We will continue to update you as this matter evolves through bulletins and via your Delegates.

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