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NSW Government cuts jobs first, asks questions later

The NSW Government has things the wrong way around: axing 15,000 jobs before looking closely at the operation of the NSW public sector, says the NSW Public Service Association.

The PSA has welcomed the release of the inaugural State of the NSW Public Sector Report (www.psc.nsw.gov.au) and its in-depth look at the states public sector workers, which reveals insights including the high level of job insecurity in the public sector.

However, the release of the report after cutting 15,000 public sector jobs confirms the OFarrell Governments cuts have been arbitrary and driven by ideology, PSA Assistant Secretary Steve Turner said today. The government hasn’t made a case for the need to cut thousands of jobs out of the public sector; it has been wielding the axe just for the sake of it.

It has made a series of decisions that haven’t been in the interests of the public or its workforce – closing Grafton jail, relocating Cronulla Fisheries, messing up funding for school transport for disabled children.

It has revealed no plans to invest its accidental budget windfall of $1 billion back into public services and secure jobs.

The report released today reveals systemic problems faced by the NSW public sector workforce, said Mr Turner.

The People Matters survey released as part of this report confirms the public sector workers are proud of the work they do, but it also paints a picture of growing dissatisfaction and stress as their jobs are cut and rights taken away.

The survey of employees shows:

  •       49% are stressed at work
  •       78% frequently have too much work to do
  •       58% say change is not handled well

There is a widespread feeling both within the public service and wider community that the attack on hard-working public sector workers and the services they deliver has gone too far.


CONTACT: Steve Turner 0418 675 564 / Jane Garcia 0434 489 533

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