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NSW Trustee & Guardian Stop the Secret Sell Off Protest

NSW Trustee & Guardian Stop the Secret Sell Off Protest – September 2016 (PDF version)

Last Wednesday 21 September, TAG members were out in force joining together with PSA members from LPI, Sport and Recreation, TAFE, disability services, child protection, Government Records as well as other unions, community groups and politicians to protest Baird’s mass privatisation of NSW. In addition to speakers from Sport and Recreation, ADHC and LPI, the protest included a mock auction of TAFE, Sport and Recreation Centres, LPI, ADHC, and gaols by our Auctioneer “Moneybags Mike”.

The protest received some great news coverage on channel 7 Sydney and Channel 7 Prime. You can see photos HERE, and the 7 Prime story HERE.

The protest successfully highlighted to the community Mike Baird’s relentless privatisation agenda. Constant pressure from the PSA and other unions, including our current Stop the Secret Sell Off media campaign, is also delivering results. The shine is finally coming off Mike Baird, and the public is beginning to form a realistic view of the Government’s ill-planned and risky attack on public services.

With the Government looking vulnerable, now is the perfect time to expose Baird’s Secret Sell Off and use the leverage to fight for Trustee and Guardian.

Whilst the Government is not directly outsourcing Trustee and Guardian, the impact on services through savage job cuts and the introduction of fees has seen members have to fight the Government for over a year to protect their jobs and the vital work provided to some of our most vulnerable members in the community.

You have made a difference

Following the successful ‘stop work’ industrial action across Trustee and Guardian on
8 September, the PSA continues to hold management to account in the Industrial Relations Commission and has secured regular ongoing report backs to the Commission.

What now

The PSA is urging all members to now get online and sign the Secret Sell off petition. This petition calls on the NSW Government to:

  1. protect our valuable public services from privatisation; and
  2. introduce “follow the money” laws for financial scrutiny and accountability.

You can sign this petition HERE.

For more information visit:

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