OEH - National Parks & Wildlife Service - Relisting Update - Public Service Association

OEH – National Parks & Wildlife Service – Relisting Update

NPWS bulletin – relisting update – November 2016 (PDF version)

The PSA and the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) returned to the Industrial Relations Commission on 16 November 2016 in relation to the 45 weekend day rosters, appearing before Commissioner Newall.

  • The PSA outlined arguments against implementation of roster changes.
  • Commissioner Newall was concerned with the lack of communication between the OEH and the PSA.
  • Commissioner Newall noted it would be highly unusual to make broad brush changes without consultation with the PSA.
  • If the OEH attempted to put new rosters in place without consultation, the Commission would become involved.
  • Commissioner Newall directly asked the OEH if it would consult with the PSA before implementation of draft rosters. The OEH gave an undertaking it would and especially wanted to discuss roster principles. In fact OEH said it was “more than happy to consult with the PSA”.
  • The OEH advised Commissioner Newall no date had been set for implementation.
  • Commissioner Newall was not convinced the Award required the establishment of regional committees in relation to seven-day rosters.
  • Commissioner Newall said at this stage there was nothing to arbitrate.
  • Commissioner Newall directed that there has to be discussion between the parties about the rosters as potential changes will impact on people’s lives and their wishes need to be considered.  Therefore the OEH must talk with the union that represents them and consultation must be undertaken.
  • The OEH was asked if there was a timeframe for implementation – it advised NO and made a commitment it would not implement new rosters without notice to all industrial associations and the IRC.
  • Commissioner Newall expects a mature discussion and will keep the matter open so it can be quickly relisted by either party.
  • As a result of undertakings given by the OEH, Commissioner Newall was satisfied there will be discussion and consultation between the parties.
  • The PSA has given a commitment to the Commissioner and the OEH to engage in consultation at the first available opportunity.
  • The PSA would ask members to provide evidence about the impact a maximum 45 rostered weekend days would have on them, both personally and in area they work. The information may relate to matters such as family responsibilities and local community involvement.
  • The PSA requests members to advise the delegates if there has been any change to their rosters before consultation has occurred.
  • The PSA will continually provide updates to our members on the progress of these meetings.

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