Office of Environment & Heritage National Parks and Wildlife Service Industrial Bulletin No: 6 - Public Service Association

Office of Environment & Heritage National Parks and Wildlife Service Industrial Bulletin No: 6

Office of Environment & Heritage National Parks and Wildlife Service Industrial Bulletin No 6 – July 2016 (PDF version)

Industrial dispute

The PSA lodged a dispute in the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) in relation to the deletion of 5 Area Manager roles. The PSA raised concerns that the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH):

  • did not consult with the PSA about its proposals;
  • deleted critical Area Manager roles and sought to appoint Grade 9/10s who would not have the necessary skills to undertake these roles; and
  • failed to develop a Change Management Plan.

The PSA argued that OEH did not follow the Consultation Arrangements Guidelines 1997.  The Voluntary Redundancy Program Guidelines state a VR offer must not be made in circumstances where its acceptance would: “adversely affect the delivery of services”.

Also, OEH did not follow the Agency Change Management Guidelines, Clause 4.2 – agencies or part of agencies, undergoing significant organisational change are required to prepare an organisational CMP and submit to the Director-General of the agency cluster for approval.

OEH informed the IRC that these Area Manager roles are not significant to the running of NSW National Parks.

The Commissioner provided assistance and supported the principles of the PSA’s application and requested OEH write to the PSA and clarify what additional transitional arrangements would be put in place after the removal of the 5 Area Manager roles.

The PSA requested a role description for the transition roles and also requested information on who would be eligible to apply for those roles.

The PSA also requires information on what functions would be undertaken by Regional Managers in supporting the transitional roles.

The Commissioner supported the PSA and believes that OEH should have had a Change Management Plan in place prior to allowing the regional managers to leave the organisation.

The Commissioner also supported the PSA request the matter be stood over for four weeks and have it relisted, if the PSA was not satisfied with the response from OEH.

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