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Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions: Parkline Place update

As you know, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) is moving from its current premises to Parkline Place towards the end of this year.

A Working Group has been established to discuss and escalate concerns about the move and the new premises. This group meets every Tuesday.

Some concerns which have been raised are as follows:

  1. The distance from the new premises to Downing Centre may pose problems for staff, particularly those instructing in trials. We are investigating whether we can have a dedicated room set up at Downing Centre with wi-fi, printing and photocopying equipment.
  2. The distance may also pose difficulties for staff transporting large numbers of files/briefs to Downing Centre, particularly those with disabilities and in extreme weather. We are investigating means to transport files at the beginning and end of each day.
  3. The amount of culling the Groups have to do prior to the move, and the task of digital archiving. We are working on solutions for this considerable task.

Some IT developments that we would like feedback on:

  1. It is proposed that we may do away with physical phones altogether. Instead, calls can be made via MS Teams, and everyone will be provided with a headset. Importantly, there is a call-out for volunteers to test the new headsets. Please email us if you would like to volunteer.
  1. It is proposed that everyone will have sit/stand desks and that everyone will have a new, wider, curved screen which is almost the width of two of our current screens, side by side.

Floorplan and layout

The floorplan for the trial groups is attached HERE. All solicitors will have offices which will be 8-9 square metres.

Please contact PSA Delegate Tamara Kuppusamy at if you have questions or concerns you would like raised at the meeting.

PSA Delegates

Amanda-Lee James Chair

Nicholas Leach Vice Chair

Vanessa Chan Secretary currently on secondment at DCJ

Fiona Horder Women’s Contact Officer

Tamara Kuppasamy

Your PSA staff

Kim Villanti Organiser

Dean Allen Industrial Officer

Thane Pearce Industrial Manager

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