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Parramatta Square Workplace Group meeting.

Workplace Group meeting Tuesday 14 May 12.30pm. Your voice is important and the Workplace Group is a great platform for Members to come together and discuss any issues or concerns at Parramatta Square.

Thank you to everyone that attended the Coffee Cart on 23April. It was great to see members from various agencies having conversations over their coffee/hot chocolates. We will be having our next Coffee cart on Wednesday 22May.  A reminder will be sent at a later date.


Members are invited to the next PSQ Workplace Group Meeting that is set for Tuesday 14May 2024 from 12.30-1.30pm at PAR-6PSQ-L10.S.31 (14) (VC) (HL) (Meeting); PAR-6PSQ-L10.S.38 (16) (VC) (HL) (Meeting)

Please remember the Sky Bridge, Level 11, is available to those working at 4 PSQ to come across to 6PSQ.

If you are unable to attend in person please join us online using the link below.

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Meeting ID: 443 311 423 610

Passcode: tzd6RD

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