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Police Civilian staff Capability Framework bulletin

Police Civilian staff Capability Framework bulletin – May 2016 (PDF version)

New role descriptions for all NSW Police civilian staff

The NSW Police Force (NSWPF) is in the process of drafting new role descriptions for all civilian staff to include the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework. The capability framework is a new way of describing the capabilities you need to perform your job.

Your role description is important

The new role descriptions are significant in that they will be:

  • a reference point for performance development and management
  • the basis for job evaluation
  • a source of information for job applicants
  • used in recruitment
  • a starting point for identification of learning and development activities
  • a basis for staff to assess potential next career steps through comparison of requirements.

For many roles, the introduction of the capability framework will be the only significant change. However for others, especially those that have not been properly updated and where duties may have evolved over time, the changes will be substantial.

Consultation is crucial

It is crucial your new role description is accurate, and the best way of achieving this is to ensure that NSWPF properly consults with workers and the PSA. Consultation should include:

  • providing you with both your existing position description and your new draft role description
  • giving you relevant information so you can understand the new capability framework and role descriptions
  • allowing you enough time to fully consider the new role description and then make comment to management and/or the PSA
  • management properly considering all comments made by workers and the PSA before finalising the new role description.

NSWPF was unprepared when the PSA raised this issue last month. We are currently awaiting a full response from the NSWPF.


If you have concerns about your new role description or the way you are being consulted about it, please contact your local delegate or industrial advocate Damien Hennessy on

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