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PSA MEDIA RELEASE: Frank and fearless advice the victim of public sector reforms

Thursday 28 February 2013NSW Govt logo

Public sector reform announced by the O’Farrell Government yesterday will lead to a more politicised public service and jeopardise frank and fearless advice from senior public officials, the Public Service Association said.
The reforms target senior public servants, restructuring some classifications and removing security of tenure.
“The senior officer classification was designed to recognise specialist expertise in the public sector,” said PSA Assistant General Secretary Steve Turner.
“By cutting or casualising these positions, the Government is undermining NSW’s capacity for an independent public sector able to offer specialist advice free of political considerations.
“When senior public servants fear for their jobs, they are less likely to rock the boat.
“This reform could lead to politically-motivated appointments at senior levels of the public service, it runs counter to the principle of a separation between the political and administrative functions of the government.”
“There has been no consultation over the reforms, which will add to the growing levels of job insecurity within the public sector,” Mr Turner said.
“By necessity, the public sector operates differently to the private sector. Public sector administration is highly complex and best served by specialists whose job does not turn on currying favour with the government of the day.
“We are also concerned about the rewrite of the Public Sector Employment and Management Act and what that means to public sector employment across the board.
“The reforms announced today will lead to poorer quality outcomes for the people of NSW.”
Contact: Steve Turner 0418 675 564 / Jackie Woods 0414 241 483

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