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PSA stands up for Child Protection staff

Child Protection workers in NSW provide valuable services for some of the most vulnerable, at-risk people in the state. As the union that represents these vital workers, the PSA believes they deserve better.

Instead, the previous NSW Government artificially deflated their wages for 12 years with its unfair and unjust public sector salary cap. With this in place, our Child Protection staff’s wages and conditions have not kept pace with those offered by private employers, including non-government organisations (NGOs) in the same sector.

As Child Protection staff within the Department of Communities and Justice fell behind, NSW experienced an increase in staff turnover and vacancies, as new starters complete their qualifications and move straight to NGOs for better conditions and less high-needs work.

The PSA will always advocate for Child Protection staff. We have written to Minister Kate Washington to push for immediate changes to stem the loss of experienced and new Child Protection Caseworkers and to correct the single Grade of Managers Casework.

There can be no more delays. These changes are must be implemented now, as the pressure placed on Child Protection due to vacancies and attrition is at crisis point.

This is the first step, an urgent stop gap to support children. The ongoing campaign is to improve the conditions for all workers within Child Protection, from admin staff, casework support, psychologists and everyone else involved in protecting NSW kids.

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