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PSA win to prevent medical retirement of FACS member

PSA win to prevent medical retirement of FACS member – July 2017 (PDF Version)

The PSA has noticed that staff from the Department of Family and Community Services are being medically retired in much higher numbers than from other parts of the public service. Some of these staff are quite capable of returning to work. We have noticed this especially in Community Services.

PSA staff have been helping members in this situation and in a recent case, the PSA had a good win when the medical retirement was overturned. A key part of this process is reference to an inappropriately formed “inherent requirements” document the PSA alleges is not only unfair but potentially discriminatory.

Members who have had an assessment that they are not fit to return to work will likely lead to the Department trying to medically retirement them. The medical assessment can however be reviewed by the independent medical panel. Should the panel overturn the original finding members are in a much better position to have the decision overturned and to prevent medical retirement by their employer.

Should members suffer an injury or illness that has caused them to be off work they are entitled to expect their public service employer to make reasonable adjustments to enable them to return to work. If your employer uses this situation to try to medically retire you please contact the PSA as soon as possible.

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