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PSA Writes to FACS Minister over Housing Privatisation Concerns

PSA-writes-to-facs-minister-over-housing-privatisation-concerns-9-september-2016 (PDF Version)

As members know, the NSW Government released its Future Directions in Social Housing policy on 24 January 2016.

You can read your union’s assessment of this policy, which we sent to members in February HERE.

Privatisation by another name…

The PSA has well-founded, serious concerns about the policy, which will lead to the privatisation of public housing. The NSW Government has a responsibility to support vulnerable people in our communities for whom the public provision of housing is an important safety net.

Big business buttering up the Baird Government

In August this year The Sydney Morning Herald published an article, which reported “Serco has told the Baird government that community housing providers are too small to be efficient, and the State Government should follow the British model of outsourcing to larger management companies”.

You can read the full article HERE.

Serco is a multinational company which specialises in privatisation. As the article also reports, Serco‘s attempt at providing public housing in Britain was a disaster, including substandard, pest-infested housing and intimidation of clients.

PSA takes action to protect public housing

The PSA has written to the Minister for FACS, the Hon. Brad Hazzard, seeking a meeting and the Government’s commitment to:

  • public provision of housing
  • protection of jobs and conditions for Housing staff
  • no outsourcing of public housing to big business operators.

Read our full letter HERE

We will update members following the Minister’s response.

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