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PSA/CPSU Provident Fund

By joining the PSA you will automatically be entitled to the benefits of Provident Fund Membership.


The Provident Fund provides a benefit of $3,500 to the nominated beneficiaries upon the death of a member. Payments are usually made within a few days of a claim. About 75 payments per year made to the beneficiaries of deceased members.


To nominate beneficiaries, print out and fill in the form below and return to the PSA, GPO Box 3365, Sydney 2001.


You can change beneficiaries at any time.


If you do not return a form you will still be a member of the fund, and the beneficiary will be your spouse, next of kin or other appropriate person as determined by the Provident Fund Trustees.


Procedures for claims


The Provident Fund is administered by the PSA Office & Building Manager’s staff (OBM). (They are overseen by a committee of senior elected officials.)


If you know of a member who has died inform the OBM on 02 9220 0915 (tel), 02 9262 1623 (fax) or


Information that will be required are member’s name and address, next of kin, date of death and some proof of death (funeral date, medical certificate or death certificate).


Other information will be required if there is some doubt as to who should be the beneficiary. That would include cases where there is no nominated beneficiary, the nominated beneficiary is no longer current (e.g. a divorced spouse), there are multiple beneficiaries, etc.


Nearly all deaths are notified by work colleagues – delegates, friends, pay officers – and family who are aware of the Provident Fund entitlement.


The simplest and quickest cases are where the nominated beneficiary is a current spouse, the spouse is aware of being the beneficiary and informs the PSA. Members should inform their beneficiary(s) either directly or by leaving an easy-to-find paper record. This is important with for retired members of the fund who are no longer surrounded by PSA members who are familiar with the fund.


If it is not clear who the beneficiary should be, the benefit is sent to the Executor for deposit into the estate of the deceased person.



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PSA/CPSU Provident Fund

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