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Minimum Standards for Casual Public Sector Workers Needed

MEDIA RELEASE Friday, 8 February 2013

Report confirms O’Farrell Government should introduce minimum standards for casual public sector workers

The O’Farrell Government should look to introduce minimum standards for public sector workers in
NSW, in line with the recommendations of a new report showing inequality is growing in the
workforce between full-time workers and insecure, “peripheral” casual workers.

“Casual workers suffer from a whole range of pressures and stresses that permanent workers don’t,
because they don’t have access to basic conditions we have traditionally taken for granted in this
state,” Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon said.

“Having no access to leave, while suffering from low pay and insecurity about future work, means
that casual workers are often battling under working conditions that are very difficult to endure.

“Employers shouldn’t be given carte blanche to use casualisation as a means of generating profits
at the expense of quality of life for ordinary working people. That’s simply not a trade-off that
we should be prepared to accept.”

Mr Lennon said it was important for the O’Farrell Government to introduce minimum standards for
public sector casual workers.

“As the biggest employer in the state, the NSW Government needs to be setting a far better
example,” Mr Lennon said.

“In recent years we have seen an increase in casual positions in the NSW public sector. This should
be avoided wherever possible, but when it does happen we should see minimum standards in place.

“If the State Government is treating working people in NSW this way, how can it expect private
companies to do any better?”

Mark Lennon 0427 231 800 (Further info: Anil Lambert 0416 426 722)

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