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Safework MOU Changes rejected in member ballot

SafeWork MOU Changes rejected in member ballot – March 2016 (PDF version)


As members are aware from previous bulletins, in 2013, the PSA entered into agreement with WorkCover to make an interim change to Schedule 3 of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which is associated with the Crown Employees (Office of the WorkCover Authority – Inspectors 2007) Award.

The purpose of the changes at this time was to facilitate the transfer of staff displaced during the restructuring of WHSD into the inspectorate. A number of classifications were also to be deleted.

The changes made were to provide for two further pathways to progress through the classification levels, in addition to the existing competency-assessment process. The new pathways allowed recognition of other tertiary qualifications or professional accreditation.

The PSA gave members assurances that no permanent change would be made to the MOU or award without agreement from the majority of members.


The ballot process has now concluded, with 63.5 percent of members who voted choosing to reject the proposed changes to the progression pathways. The PSA has written to advise Safework of the ballot outcome. That letter can be accessed HERE.

As the interim MOU expired on 30 September 2015, arrangements had already reverted to the original MOU which allows only for competency assessment to progress between levels.

Where to now?

The PSA anticipates that Safework NSW will wish to discuss this matter further and we of course remain open to discussing possible alternatives.

The PSA understands this ballot process was suggested as the reason why recruitment was not pursued and why the subsequent assignment process was halted. Please note, the PSA did not agree to these delays and requested that all processes proceed as normal under the MOU once it reverted to the original on 30 September 2015. We of course expect that such processes will now proceed without further unnecessary delay.

If members have any ideas for improvements/changes they would like to see made to the proposal, or have a new proposal to suggest, please contact one of your VG delegates and discuss options at members meetings.

Your delegates

Trevor Savage                       Kathy Matlby

Toni McKay                            Brian Hughes

Ian Lancaster                         Greg Saunders

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