Send Malcolm a message in the Bennelong by-election

Send Malcolm a message in the Bennelong by-election – December 2017 (PDF version)

The by-election on 16 December in your electorate presents an opportunity to recalibrate the direction of our country in terms of its values and priorities.

The whole nation’s eyes will be on Bennelong on Saturday as the ramifications of the result could be immense and historic.

This is why the PSA has gotten behind Union NSW’s “Send Malcolm a Message” campaign.

We know governments only listen through the ballot box. What we want them to hear is:

  1. Cease your attacks on workers and their organisations through cuts to penalty rates and a raft of anti-union legislation
  2. Fix the NBN
  3. Fund universities and TAFE, and redirect subsidies and money being wasted on the private sector providers
  4. Take action on energy prices and climate change
  5. Keep their hands off our industry superannuation funds.

On behalf of the PSA’s membership across the state, who are all being impacted adversely by their policies, I urge you to send a message to Canberra by not voting for the Liberal Party on Saturday.

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