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Sign the PSA petition to DPC Secretary Tim Reardon: Flexible working hours negotiations

We need you to sign the PSA petition to Department Premier and Cabinet (DPC) Secretary Tim Reardon.

The PSA is currently negotiating the Flexible Working Hours Agreement for the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC), the Public Service Commission, Employee Relations, Western Parkland City Authority and the Parliamentary Council’s Office.

We believe that these negotiations have not resolved key issues for employees, nor do we consider that the DPC has met good faith bargaining principles. Wwe say our reasonable requests are being ignored.

We need you to sign this petition so DPC will listen to our reasonable claims.


In brief we request:

  1. We request protections are in place so we are not pressured to work extreme hours without appropriate recompense.
  2. We request banked flex, or a form of banked flex, is kept in the agreement.
  3. We request that DPC representatives negotiate in good faith without the threat of imminent transition to the limited flex arrangements under the Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Reviewed Award 2009 (Award).
  4. We request that DPC extend the negotiations so we do not have to go back to a basic flex agreement (as defined in section 21 of the Award).

We strongly urge you to sign and share this petition. We consider the NSW Public Service will look to this agreement for future negotiations and these negotiations cannot be seen as a benchmark to the lack of good faith bargaining principles.

If you sign this petition, you will be making a direct difference to yourself and your colleagues.

The PSA is standing up for your flexible work – join the PSA today at

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