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Slap in the Face

PSA Local representatives meet with District Executive every 3 months via our Joint Consultative Committee. Over the past 6 months we have heard rumors that the Resource Allocation Model (RAM) on the number of caseworkers will be reduced on the North Coast and Mid North Coast and requested local consultation on the impact that would have on the district. This did not occur and we had to request this information from our peak consultation body via a dispute with the Industrial Relations Commission.  

In 2020 the RAM for MNC was 109 and NC 102 and in 2022 the RAM for MNC is 105 and NC 89. Considering what the region has been through with the floods we find this huge slap in the face for all the hard work completed by our members in the last two years. Especially since DCJ run Disaster Welfare and will be called upon to respond for the next emergency.  

We hear all the talk that this Government will support the Northern Rivers rebuild from the floods however this is evidenced that this is just it, all talk. If they wanted to support the Northern Rivers, they wouldn’t have cut casework numbers who firstly provide essential front lines services to the most vulnerable in our community and secondly are on the front line for any disaster response. Considering they have just defunded Resilience NSW which means that when the next disaster happens Community Services will be called upon to fill this gap. This is on top of a pay rise that essentially means a pay cut due to current inflation level. We need to get rid of this current state government next election.  

Clearly this government doesn’t think that there is extra work in your district so the PSA are directing members to use the WLP and do not work over your contracted hours (link to WLP Bulletin HERE). If you are asked to work over your contracted hours, then request to be paid overtime. If you feel pressured to complete work over your contracted hours lodge a WHS incident report and contact the PSA. 

The PSA have been contacted by many members concerned about the recent changes in the Northern District which was pushed through without proper consultation.  resulting in the loss of a Manager Client Service and a Service Support Manager position. We request all members to lodge a Work Health Safety report every time this decision impacts their work.  

The PSA encourages members to fill out the People Matters Survey and tell the government and the district executive exactly how you feel.  

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