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State Government’s media announcement

Members may have heard reports in the media about the State Government increasing its wage offer in 2022 to three per cent.

However, the Government has made no offer to the PSA, instead expecting your union to hear about the proposal through the media. The PSA is in the Industrial Relations Commission today and will notify members when more details come to light.

The PSA reminds you that a three per cent pay increase is still well below the current rate of inflation and would mean our members have less money in their pocket.

Further, media reports are silent as to whether this announcement of three per cent includes this year’s scheduled superannuation increase. If not, the pay increase will be more like 2.5 per cent.

Reports also mention a $3000 one-off payment to health-care workers. The PSA believes all Public Sector employees are frontline workers who guided our state through bushfires, floods and the pandemic. The Government’s one-off payment for some sectors should be seen for what it is: a divisive move to undermine union-wide demands for a pay increase that will not see wages go backwards for the workers who have done so much for the people of NSW.

Premier Perrottet clearly needs a reminder who PSA members are, what jobs they have done and why they do not deserve to be treated as second-class Public Sector workers.

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