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Body Scanners – CSNSW lodges dispute

Yesterday CSNSW lodged a dispute in the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) against the ongoing bans on using body scanning machines.  The matter was heard that afternoon, with the PSA represented by Senior Industrial Officer David Bartle, POVB Chair Jason Charlton and POVB Vice-Chair Keith Smith.

You can view our previous update here, which provides details of the meeting held on 22- April 2024 regarding the matter.  At the conclusion of this meeting the following propositions were put to assist in resolving the dispute:

  1. CSNSW consider a reduced radiation reading on the scanners to be ‘skin deep’ only. This then allows the scanners to act as a strip search device without requiring the officers to be trained in diagnostic imaging.
  2. More adequate training to be implemented in consultation with the union – to able to read diagnostic images correctly.
  3. Would CSNSW consider officers operating scanning machines to be precluded from misconduct proceedings.
  4. Adjustment to the COPP to address the ‘second opinion’ discrepancies by a member of the Centre management team.
  5. Is it still voluntary to get a 142 license?

Despite receiving no response to these propositions, CSNSW lodged the dispute seeking to lift the bans.  The IRC heard the dispute, and has set out a way forward for the parties to resolve the dispute.  That is:

  • The POVB are to formally write to CSNSW seeking a response to the 5 propositions, that Delegates tabled in the meeting held on the 22 April 2024.
  • CSNSW are to respond in writing to our correspondence.
  • Another consultative meeting is to be scheduled, so the same delegates can consider the response to the propositions.
  • The matter is listed for a report back to the IRC on Monday 13 May 2024.

As per this way forward, the bans remain at this time.

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