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Thank you

Dear PSA members,

This morning the incident at Martin Place ended very sadly. I know members join with me in loving thoughts for those who were taken hostage and their families.

Premier Baird has asked the community not to let this event impact negatively on the harmonious society that we have built in this country. I think we all support those sentiments.

He also thanked the Police and other Emergency Services for the professional way in which they handled this emergency.

In addition to the above, I would like to thank those public servants who provide the people of NSW with the type of co-ordinated and prepared response we saw during this prolonged incident.

These include those members who work in 000 call centres providing a 24 hour service in a very stressful and demanding environment. Thanks also to our RMS and Transport NSW colleagues who would have been responsible for road closures and rapidly changing transport arrangements. Others include those in communications areas of departments who are critical to a co-ordinated approach between departments, those members who are civilian scene of crime officers who undertake forensic work, those who are responsible for research on all aspects of the offender and any linked groups and those who work in the areas of procurement and deployment who ensure that their colleagues are properly equipped when they face a situation like this. I also thank our members who are Special Constables who are responsible for securing critical areas such as Parliament House and ensuring the safety of those inside.

There are so many more public servants who make a professional and co-ordinated response to a tragic incident such as this possible.

The work of NSW public servants is ongoing and it is that dedication to duty that is the basis of a civilised society.

Yours in unity


Anne Gardiner

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