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Transport Management Centre COVID testing: Consultation on changes

The PSA were informed by management that the Transport Management Centre (TMC) are entering consultation on proposed changes to the COVID-19 testing requirements.

The proposal as put to the PSA is that:

All employees attending the TMC for work should:

Proposed visitor protocol

All tours and visitors to the TMC will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, with permission only to be granted by a TMC Senior Manager or Director.

Under the proposal:

  • Visitors must wear masks and wait outside the TMC.
  • The TMC representative will secure RATs and NICTA building external key from Security.
  • The TMC representative will escort visitors across to the meeting room at the NICTA building where they will be provided with a RAT to self-test.
  • Visitors must remain in the NICTA building meeting room until:
    1. A negative result is recorded after 15 minutes (first results must stand and no retesting is permitted).
    2. The TMC representative receives and records the negative result and ensures the test and waste packaging have been disposed of appropriately.
  • Once testing is completed the TMC representative will secure the meeting room and return the key to Security and visitors will sign in to Security Concierge.
  • If a non-negative result is recorded the visitor / guest will not be permitted access to the TMC.

Access to the Transport Operations Room (TOR) will be restricted unless:

  • It is authorised on initial request.
  • The above procedures have been followed.
  • Real-time authorisation is granted by either the Senior Manager (SMOC) or Manager Transport Operations (MTOC).

The PSA does hold a few concerns about the proposed changes and how the risks within the procedures may be handled.

Consultation closes on 27 July 2022.  The PSA would like members to provide us feedback to inform how we respond to this proposal.

You can provide feedback to or you can call 0408 213 339.

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