Two years of NSW Government nothing to cheer about - Public Service Association

Two years of NSW Government nothing to cheer about

PSA Media release:

The two year anniversary of the NSW Liberal National Government is nothing to celebrate, the Public Service Association (PSA) says.

“This is a Government that just builds roads, not a society,” said PSA General Secretary, Stewart Little.

The Government’s ongoing privatisation agenda is setting up NSW to fail spectacularly with unregulated private providers who are only interested in a making a fast few million dollars rather than providing quality services for the community.

“If, as the Government claims, it wants to make a difference to the lives of the people of NSW, it should urgently rethink the catastrophic plan to privatise the Land Titles Registry, a move condemned by everyone from academics to property developers and pull back from the forced sell off of state disability services,” Mr Little said.

“The Government trumpets its efforts on ‘life-changing projects’ but what could be more life changing for millions of people across NSW than to lose the security on their property?

“What could be more life changing for tens of thousands of families than to have the care of loved ones with disability thrown into free fall after the Government completely steps away from that space?

“Many will land heavily in the state’s hospitals, mental health facilities and even the criminal justice system, areas lacking expertise in specialist disability care.

“NSW will be the only state in Australia with no Government safety net for people with disability.

“This is a Government that washes its hands of all social responsibility whether it’s starving the world class TAFE system of funds while throwing millions at dodgy private providers or pushing vulnerable kids into a non-Government Out of Home Care system and then reading the horror stories in the media.”

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