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Police Radio PSA Update: Meeting with Management

In response to the recent events, particularly the Illawarra flooding in early April 2024, the PSA promptly addressed concerns raised by our members by writing to the Commissioner.

On 1st May 2024, your PSA industrial staff engaged in a constructive meeting with ROG management to discuss these pressing issues. While the primary focus was on the flooding event, we also discussed other significant occurrences that came about in mid-April after our initial correspondence.

The discussions were characterised by a positive and productive atmosphere, leaving the PSA optimistic about the approach taken in addressing our concerns.

Key topics discussed included:

  1. Incident Debriefing: Management provided a comprehensive overview and timeline of actions taken in response to each significant event that unfolded in April.
  1. Inter-agency Cooperation: The PSA’s concerns regarding the absence of an SES liaison officer at Illawarra during the flooding event were noted by management. They acknowledged the necessity for improvement in this area and assured us of their commitment to addressing it. Additionally, discussions revolved around enhancing the effectiveness of liaison officers, with management exploring various options to overcome challenges such as reconciling different CAD systems.
  1. Future planning for Major Events: Management disclosed their ongoing efforts in formulating a comprehensive framework for managing expected or unexpected events. Initially focusing on flooding events due to the approaching winter and likely occurrence of more wet weather, this framework aims to provide a structured approach to handling various natural disasters, mass gatherings, and critical incidents. Importantly, it will incorporate a mechanism to ensure adequate staffing levels throughout the duration of such events.

The PSA is looking forward to reviewing the framework and engaging in further consultation as it progresses, viewing it as a positive and much-needed development.

We would like to again, extend our appreciation to all members for your critical role in keeping the community safe.

Your delegates will meet at PSA House tomorrow, and the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) meeting with management is scheduled for 28th May. Stay tuned for future bulletins providing updates on these discussions.

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