Union disgusted at decreased worker protections after shooting - Public Service Association

Union disgusted at decreased worker protections after shooting

PSA Media Release – Union disgusted at decreased worker protections after shooting (PDF version)

The Public Service Association (PSA) is appalled that in the wake of the shooting death of compliance officer Glen Turner, a bill has been proposed that will reduce penalties for obstructing the work of public servants.

The Shooters and Fishers Party’s Native Vegetation Amendment Bill 2014 proposes a reduction in penalties for “obstructing an authorised officer in the exercise of the officer’s investigative functions”, a move that would put environmental compliance officers in even greater danger.

The proposed bill would see the maximum penalty reduced from $11,000 to just $1,100.

“We are appalled by attempts to reduce protections for public servants such as the late Glen Turner,” said PSA General Secretary Anne Gardiner.

“This Bill shows breathtaking disregard for the welfare of compliance officers – men and women who put their own safety on the line every day to uphold the law.”

“Removing the penalties for interfering with the work of compliance officers will place these people in even greater danger.”

“After the horror of Glen Turner’s death surely we should be looking at toughening laws to better protect public servants, not slashing the only protections they currently have.”

Mr Turner, a Senior Compliance Officer with the Office of Environment and Heritage, was shot dead in Croppa Creek in July, allegedly by a farmer involved in ongoing disputes with the Department over massive illegal land clearing.

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