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Update on Ministerial Driver Award Negotiations

On Friday, 18 Aug, the PSA published a bulletin to all members which provided an update on the award and identified that the parties had been negotiating one final clause in the award, that being clause 9 which governs the recording of work hours. As set out in the bulletin, the parties have reached an in-principle agreement in respect of an amended version of this clause. You can access the bulletin here which sets out the original version of the clause and the amended version.

The PSA now seeks membership endorsement of the amended version of the clause. The PSA strongly encourages a YES vote!

The amended clause recognises that drivers are working while they are not driving and that time spent not driving must be recorded as part of the hours of work. The amended clause also draws the appropriate distinction between driving and non-driving time for the purpose of fatigue management record keeping. The Department’s representatives have indicated to the PSA that they do not intend to use this data for purposes other than managing fatigue. The original version of the clause suggested that drivers were not performing work while they were not driving – which is plainly wrong.

This clause has held up the finalisation of the award. The award will be made by the IRC in the event this clause is formally agreed to by the PSA. Once made, this award will protect your employment conditions, including your out-of-hours allowance, from being changed by the Department. The Department will need to secure either the PSA’s consent or orders from the IRC in the event they wish to change your employment conditions.

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