Apr 20, 2017

457 visa changes must stop job rorts after privatisation – union

PSA media release:

The Turnbull Government’s changes to 457 Visas must stop the NSW Government contracting out vital public services then replacing full time local jobs with “temporary” overseas workers said the Public Service Association (PSA).

The union which called for an inquiry into the matter back in November 2016 said the NSW Government used 457 ‘temporary’ visas to fill 32 full time “onshore” jobs following the outsourcing of ServiceFirst which handled IT, HR and payroll functions for Government.

The PSA fears the changes announced by the Turnbull Government will simply rebadge the scheme and continue its downward spiral in employment terms that will impact on the soon to be privatised disability sector and other outsourced areas in NSW.

“Skilled experienced local workers in full time employment are being thrown on the jobs scrapheap by the NSW Government through its mass privatisation program and replaced by foreign workers on ‘temporary’ visas,” said PSA General Secretary, Stewart Little.

“Is the revamped system going to stop the NSW Government from bringing in more workers on low pay as it did following the privatisation of ServiceFirst?”

“Is the revamped system going to stop the NSW Government from bringing in disability workers on inferior conditions after the privatisation of the public disability sector?”



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