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PSA update on meeting with Minister and Secretary

Members will recall the PSA reported on its meeting with Deputy Premier Car, Minister for Education and Education Secretary Murat Dizdar regarding the proposed SBAR School budget changes on 8 May 2024.

An outcome of the meeting was that the Secretary would write to the PSA with an update on the SBAR budget review process. He agreed to establish a weekly meeting with your union regarding issues raised by delegates and members.

The PSA received advice as to the following issues by the Secretary on 14 May 2024 .

Budget Review process

Principals and DELs have been briefed via webinar as to the review process and possible impacts to ongoing contracts for temporary staff.

Following the release of the 2024 SBAR Adjustments on 16 May Term 2, Principals were requested to assess their financial position and identify where savings can be recognised and subsequent modifications to financial planning need to be made. These changes need to be updated in eFPT by Monday in Week 8 of Term 2. Any contract variations will also need to be made in SAP by Monday in Week 8 of Term 2.

Support available for impacted staff members

Key points to remember:

  • Principals need to review their whole budget before making staffing decisions which impact temporary staffing positions.
  • Attempts must be made to find alternative opportunities within the school, and then by the DEL in the network, before ending temporary staff contracts.
  • Entitlement vacancies should continue to be declared, with Teacher vacancies actioned according to the 2024-2029 Staffing Agreement, which commenced implementation on 29 April 2024.
  • Teachers and school support staff employed under the Temporary Workforce Transition initiative (TWT) cannot be considered as ACIP positions and their employment cannot be ceased. In addition, unless the school has a reduction in 2024 permanent staffing entitlement, schools should not be commencing nominated transfer processes relating to additional TWT permanent staff.
  • Staffing positions funded through targeted programs such as Integration Support Funding, Refugee Student Support, New Arrivals and the equity loadings – English Language Proficiency, low level adjustment for disability, for Aboriginal background and socio-economic background should not be impacted as they are delivering critical support for student equity cohorts.
  • Staffing positions funded through 6101 should not be automatically ceased but should be reviewed as part of a complete analysis of school budgets and staffing requirements that will lead to enhanced student outcomes.

Please note that any member impacted by cessation of temporary contracts because of the SBAR review will be advised by your Principal and will receive an email from the School Workforce Team managing this process. The email will indicate what the support is available for members.

Other related issues

The Department has acknowledged the PSA’s concern regarding job security and increased workload for members.

It is recognised Teacher supply measures through initiatives such as the Executive Teaching Time Review (ETTR), will have implications, including how workload is managed in schools.

This includes managing the outcomes from the School Administration Improvement Program (SAIP) pilot. The department has confirmed this program will be extended to another 400 schools in 2025 at the conclusion of the initial tranche of 400 schools at the end of this school year, and consulting with schools and staff to understand the administrative workload impacts of executive teaching time.

A final ETTR report will be provided later this year, with mandatory implementation scheduled to commence in 2025.

Members should note the PSA has not agreed to any increases to non-teaching staff workloads and that any additional work to be considered by the parties for reallocation must fall within the scope of SASS existing statement of duties. The PSA will be insisting that if any identified work is appropriate to be performed by SASS then a proportionate increase in staff be agreed to deal with any obvious increases in workload. The PSA Admin working Group will be briefed on 3 June 2024 regarding the SAIP pilot. The SAIP pilot and the ETTR process will be subject to ongoing consultation and negotiation.

If any members have concerns about the workload review and potential premature reallocation of non-SASS duties please contact  with the details.

Need a PSA Organiser to visit your school or a PSA members’ schools network teams meeting? Please contact or contact the Member Support Centre on 1800 772 679.

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