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Child Protection in Crisis

PSA members and officials met with Minister Kate Washington and Deputy Secretary Simone Czech in Inverell and Tamworth on Wednesday 22 May. The Minister heard directly from front-line staff about issues impacting Child Protection. Members were very forthcoming and honest with the key issues effecting  their ability to perform their work, including constant changes in front-line management,  understaffing, the lack of administrative and case work support and the tyranny of distance and travel times.

To her credit, the Minister acknowledged the reality of the challenges facing Child Protection in NSW. She expressed her gratitude staff as well as further committing to work with the PSA to deliver more support for front line child protection workers.

Members and the PSA are thankful for these commitments but continue to push for action.

“We’ve heard the promises and were hopeful, but Child Protection Workers and the children and families who need them, deserve action, ” said PSA Industrial Officer Graydon Welsh. “The PSA won’t stop campaigning.

“We want to see the Government back up the rhetoric with real investment to fix a broken system.”

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