$50 million announcement no relief for schools staff - Public Service Association

$50 million announcement no relief for schools staff

PSA Media release

The announcement by NSW Minister for Education, Rob Stokes about reducing the administrative burden on Principals, demonstrates his lack of understanding of how our public schools really function said the Public Service Association (PSA).

The union was responding to the Minister’s announcement that $50 million in flexible funding is to be provided to Principals to employ business managers.

“The fact is School Administrative and Support staff (SASS) rather than Principals shoulder the responsibility for the daily functioning of our public schools,” said PSA Assistant General Secretary, Troy Wright.

“School Admin Managers and School Admin Officers expertly undertake the financial and administrative role in schools while General Assistants handle maintenance and the upkeep of school grounds.

“School finance was delegated to schools as part of the Local Schools, Local Decisions initiative which saw Principals get a pay rise when in effect, these tasks were delegated to School Admin Managers and School Admin Officers.

“The Minister is clearly unaware of this yet is throwing $50 million at an issue he doesn’t understand.

“What is needed is better resources and more existing staff.

“Further training for SAS Staff such as School Admin Managers and School Administrative Officers would cost far less than $50 million”.

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