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MEMBER UPDATE: PSA Wins School Psychologists’ Pay rise


The PSA is pleased to announce that all classifications employed under the Crown Employees (School Psychologists – Department of Education) Salaries Award 2022 (SP Salaries Award) will receive a substantial pay increase, in this week’s pay packet, together with back pay from 13 October 2023.

Your pay rise has been achieved by the PSA’s concerted efforts over many months, focused on School Psychologists receiving the professional recognition that they deserve.

IRC S130 Dispute and SP Award Variation

Last year when the department varied the Teachers’ Award (covering School Counsellors) and granted them the biggest pay-rise in a decade, the Association immediately requested The Secretary approve a consent application for your Award to be varied, to apply the same pay rises and salary structure to School Psychologists. The Secretary denied this request.  The PSA then filed a S130 dispute in the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) to hold the department to its’ commitment to pay parity between School Counsellors and School Psychologists.

The Commission heard the matter and immediately made a Recommendation that the issue of pay disparity should be resolved expeditiously, to provide School Psychologists with fair and just pay and to continue pay parity with School Counsellors.

The PSA has progressed the matter through ‘without prejudice’ correspondence and meetings with the department and has reported back regarding these discussions to the Commission. As a result, on 22 January 2024, the IRC made the varied SP Award, in accordance with the consent application jointly made by the department and PSA. The varied SP Award incorporates the new classification structure and salary progression.

Staged Implementation

By way of Report Back to the Commission on Friday, 9 February 2024, the parties communicated that we have reached agreement on an implementation process for the administration of your new salaries, including back pay from 13 October 2022; and to ensure that incremental progression will be properly recognized against the new salary scale. These details were finalized yesterday, in readiness for this week’s pay run, dated 15 February 2024.

The new classification structure for School Psychologists, along with the salary increases in the award variation, will be implemented in two stages. The staged implementation process is outlined in the department’s Circular 24/01   further to information in the School Psychologists Transition Fact Sheet 2023 . By now you should have received an email  from the Chief People Officer, Shaun Ruming advising of the pay rise.

You will see the first stage in this week’s pay for the pay period ending 15 February 2024, which will provide all classifications employed under the SP Salaries award with a salary increase effective from the first full pay period on or after 9 October 2023 (13 October 2023), inclusive of back pay.

The PSA has ensured that the back pay will be taxed as if it was earned on a fortnightly basis from 13 October 2023 to 15 February 2024 to prevent any additional tax liability.

Acknowledgement of Delegates:

The PSA wishes to acknowledge the tireless and unwavering dedication and commitment of our wonderful School Psychologist delegates over this period, namely Erin Kremer, Belinda Mc Gaw, Marcella Kabala and Kristine Marsh, on behalf and for the benefit of, both member and non-member School Psychologists.

This significant outcome is evidence of what can be achieved when we work collectively and constructively for positive change.

If you have colleagues who have been on the sidelines but not yet joined the PSA, remind them of this and encourage them to join, so they can not only enjoy the benefits, but also contribute to the outcomes, that we will no doubt achieve addressing concerns and issues facing School Psychologists in the future.

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