53 billion arguments against privatisation says union - Public Service Association

53 billion arguments against privatisation says union

PSA Media release:

According to new figures, the NSW Government has privatised a staggering $53 billion in public services to its business mates said the Public Service Association (PSA).

Critical services such as the Land Titles Registry and public disability services are among the areas that have gone under the hammer.

“The Premier says that the proceeds of the sale of these public services and assets will be channelled towards more rail, roads, schools and hospitals,” said PSA General Secretary, Stewart Little.

“What the Premier does not say is those roads will have a toll attached and the hospitals will be private.”

“It’s all about big business and big money. The lives of real people caught in the transaction crossfire are just collateral damage as far as the Government is concerned.”

“NSW will be the only state in Australia with no Government safety net for people with disability.”

“This is a Government intent on washing its hands of all social responsibility for public services, the fallout from which will be disastrous for generations to come.”

“The most astonishing thing is these new figures were revealed by the NSW Parliamentary Library not a think tank with a political agenda,” said Stewart Little.

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