1896 - 1919 - Public Service Association

PSA Timeline: 1896 – 1919

Year Information
1919 The basic female wage is set at 54 per cent of the basic male wage.
1919 Following a referendum of members, the PSA is registered under Trade Union Act, 1881.
1910 The PSA launches its first major campaigns around equal pay, superannuation and employment conditions.
1908 The NSW Industrial Arbitration system is established, yet it excludes the PSA.
1902 The Public Service Act 1902 prohibits the appointment of married women to the NSW public service if their husband is already employed by the state.
1900 In a big year for the PSA, the first edition of The Public Service Journal is published, the first Council elected and the first country branch springs up in Moree.
1899 The PSA is established, with its office in Bridge Street, Sydney.
1886 Colonial employees make moves to form a Public Service Association.


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