2000 - 2009 - Public Service Association

PSA Timeline: 2000 – 2009

Year Information
2009 Government backs down on planned privatisation of School General Assistants
2009 PSA campaigns to improve professional standing of School Learning Support Officers (SLSOs)
2009 PSA secures Purchased Leave Scheme for members
2009 July: Crown Employees receive this year’s 4 per cent pay rise as part of last year’s negotiation of a 3-year award (12.48 per cent over 3 years)
2009 PSA campaigns against the privatisation of the Superannuation Administration Corporation (Pillar)
2009 April: Stop the Cell-Off rally. PSA is campaigning against the privatisation of Parklea and Cessnock prisons. About 1500 prison workers march on State Parliament in protest at plans to privatise Cessnock and Parklea jails. Cessnock remains in state hands.
2009 January: Sydney Harbour Bridge becomes cashless with 51 permanent Toll Collectors affected. The 46 PSA members either took voluntary redundancy or opted to move to other jobs within the RTA. The PSA  had a long-standing agreement with the RTA that none of our members would be forced out of employment through the move
2005 Paid maternity leave in the NSW public sector increases from nine weeks to 14 weeks.
2002 PSA wins pay equity for librarians and archivists employed in the NSW public sector.


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