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ADHC Update – What goes with you from your personnel file

ADHC Update – What goes with you from your personnel file – June 2017 (PDF Version)

As the transfer date for many of you looms, it is important to know exactly what will and won’t transfer to your new employer with you.

Personnel file

  1. Letter of acceptance
  2. Completed health assessment and any supporting documentation
  3. Ergonomic and reasonable adjustments and associated equipment, such as special chairs
  4. Flexible work arrangements
  5. Current and approved private employment
  6. Conflict of interest
  7. Part-time and leave-without-pay arrangements
  8. Payroll deductions and leasing arrangements
  9. Flex sheets for CST staff (still to be confirmed however at least the last flex sheet will transfer as this will continue on as normal).

Professional conduct and ethical performance (PCEP) file

Will not transfer unless one of the following three thresholds have been met:

  1. Findings of serious misconduct
  2. Information by agreement of the employee
  3. Allegations of serious and sustained violence or threats of violence against clients in the past three years that were unsubstantiated (on advice from the Ombudsman).

Personal improvement plans

  1. Do not transfer across although local arrangements may continue.

The PSA encourages members concerned about items on this list to request to view their personnel file. It’s easy you just need to:

  1. Put in writing (email is sufficient) that you wish to access your personnel file
  2. Send your request to HR.

Remember, you are entitled to have a PSA delegate attend with you to support you while you view your file.

Have you made the switch?

It’s easy, download the switch form or log in and protect your membership today…

You can update your details including how you pay through our online portal here:  UPDATE AND CONNECT

You can download a SWITCH FORM and email it back to us at or contact our membership department direct on 1300 772 679.

Now more than ever it’s important to make sure you have updated your details with the PSA. These are difficult times for members in ADHC and we must protect and bolster union power now to ensure we keep our union strong so that members are supported now and into the future.

Having your union and its collective strength behind you when bargaining for conditions is the only way to make sure you get fair outcomes.


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