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Are you working across multiple sites? Make sure you claim your allowances

Are you working across multiple sites – Make sure you claim your allowances – June 2019 (PDF version)

The PSA is aware a number of staff in Community Services Centres work across more than one site, yet experience difficulties in claiming their entitlements.

While the Department may try to argue that the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 allows the allocation of one staff member over multiple sites and it doesn’t have to pay meal and travel allowances, this is most definitely not the case.

Under the Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Award 2009 it is recognised that you have a normal headquarters.

If you are working across multiples sites you are entitled to allowances as follows under the Award:

  1. Travel Allowance

26.1   Any authorised official travel and associated expenses, properly and reasonably incurred by a staff member required to perform duty at a location other than their normal headquarters shall be met by the Department.

  1. Excess Travelling Time

27.1   An employee directed by the Department Head to travel on official business outside the usual hours of duty to perform duty at a location other than normal headquarters will, at the Department Heads discretion, be compensated by

27.1.1         Payment calculated in accordance with the provisions in this clause; or

27.1.2         If it is operationally convenient, by taking equivalent time off in lieu…

  1. Meal Expenses on One-Day Journeys

29.1   A staff member who is authorised by the Department Head to undertake a one-day journey on official business which does not require the staff member to obtain overnight accommodation, shall be paid the appropriate rate of allowance

29.1.1         Breakfast when required to commence travel at or before 6.00 a.m. and at least 1 hour before the prescribed starting time;

29.1.2         An evening meal when required to travel until or beyond 6.30 p.m.;


29.1.3         Lunch when required to travel a total distance on the day of at least 100 kilometres and, as a result, is located at a distance of at least 50 kilometres from the staff member’s normal headquarters at the time of taking the normal lunch break.

  1. Allowance Payable for Use of Private Motor Vehicle

36.1   The Department Head may authorise an employee to use a private motor vehicle where

36.1.1 Such use will result in greater efficiency or involve the Department in less expense that if travel were undertaken by other means.

You work hard for FACS and Justice so please make sure you claim all the allowances that are permitted under your Award. Don’t let your manager or SAP defeat you.

If you are working across multiple sites and encountering difficulties in claiming your allowances, please contact the PSA’s Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679 for advice and assistance.

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