Art Gallery PSA member bulletin - Public Service Association

Art Gallery PSA member bulletin

Art Gallery of NSW member bulletin July 2015 (PDF version)

On Tuesday 14 July 2015, the PSA received reports from members that the Art Gallery advised staff they will be reducing their budget by approximately $600,000.

There had been no consultation with the PSA about this announcement.

The PSA has contacted Art Gallery management to request an urgent meeting to discuss their proposal.

The PSA has been informed that:

  • The Art Gallery is finalising its Change Management Plan (which has been approved in principle). As soon as it is finalised, it will be sent to staff and the PSA for consultation
  • It is likely there will be a general call for voluntary redundancies to all staff
  • The Art Gallery is awaiting confirmation from Treasury to approve the payment of voluntary redundancies
  • Management want to look at some of the activities and processes conducted by all departments to see if any cost savings can be made through this process. The PSA will strongly advocate for any strategies which mitigate any adverse effect the Change Management Plan may have on PSA members.

Once the PSA has received the Change Management Plan, your union will organise an urgent meeting of all members. The PSA will keep members informed of all details as they progress.

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