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FACS bulletin – Ban on Performance Development Program (PDP) remains in place

FACS Industrial Bulletin – Ban on Performance Development – 23 July 2015 (PDF version)

The PSA is aware that an email broadcast has been sent to FACS staff advising that the 2015/2016 Performance Development cycle has begun.

Currently, across the majority of the FACS portfolio, there is a ban on taking part in the Performance Development Program.

The wording of the ban is:

All PSA members are advised that the Performance Development Program (PDP) is the subject of an industrial ban and members are directed not to participate in the E-Learning, or take part in any Performance Development Program planning or implementation until FACS agrees to undertake meaningful consultation and provide the detail requested.

The rationale for the bans is that that the Public Service Commission (PSC) has mandated performance management systems must be implemented in agencies without all agencies having properly adjusted their relevant HR settings.

The Capability Framework based role descriptions set out the performance standards and responsibilities of employees. The PSC has mandated that these must be introduced by 9 August 2016, a full year after the performance management systems are required to be in place.

If you don’t have a role description and participate in the PDP you will be required to agree to meet certain expectations of your performance that may not reflect your current role or its grading.

On this basis the PSA believes the implementation of PDP is premature and places FACS employees without capability based role descriptions in an unreasonable position.

This is why the ban sent to members on 19 August 2014 remains current and valid

Please remember that the PSA’s bans relate to the whole of a task and process. If any banned information is requested, advise your supervisor that the work is currently the subject of an industrial ban and you are unable to complete it.

Members are protected when following a direction from their union. If you experience any issues relating to this direction please speak to your workplace or departmental committee delegate. You can also contact the MSC on 1300 772 679.

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You can find more information on the Capability Framework and Performance Development here

You can access the bulletin from 19 August 2014 here

PSA consultation with members

The PSA is consulting with members through ‘listenings’ so that you can have input into our collective position on the Performance Development Systems being implemented as part of the Capability Framework.

If you or other members in your workplace would like to provide input into the PSA position paper on Performance Development contact your organising team at

What Else Can Members Do?

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