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Audit Office NSW Award changes survey

Audit Office NSW Award changes survey – May 2016 (PDF version)

The PSA has been working with the Audit Office of New South Wales to simplify the Award and ensure it is aligned to and reflects current practices, processes and policies. To achieve this, the Award Negotiation Committee (ANC) was created comprising management and PSA employee representatives working together to consider appropriate Award changes.

We are now asking for feedback from our members on the final draft of the Crown Employees (Audit Office) Award 2016.

Please complete the survey HERE.

Please note closing date for your response is Monday 23 May at 5pm.

Summary of changes

The draft 2016 Award simplifies wording, removes outdated references to old policies and legislation, and has been reformatted to make the document more readable. It also includes the following key changes:

Flexible work practices

  • Removal of maximum hours and bandwidth to improve flexible working arrangements for employees
  • Fewer restrictions on when an employee can take flex leave
  • Removal of the cap on how much flex leave an employee can take
  • Removal of monthly flex leave carryover restrictions
  • Increase in maximum flex leave carryover at 31 December from 10 to 35 hours
  • Reduction in duration of career breaks from three to two years.


  • Combining sick leave, carers’ leave and family leave into one ‘personal leave’ group to improve employee access to leave provisions
  • Staff will receive four days’ personal leave in the first three months of their employment, and accrue 16 working days per year thereafter
  • Employees can take five non-consecutive working days per year for personal leave without providing evidence.

Remuneration and progression

  • Remuneration bands will increase by 5 percent (refer Part A, Table 1)
  • Employees initially assessed at ‘superior’ or ‘expert’ level no longer need to be confirmed at that level after 12 months
  • Removal of the minimum remuneration levels during the first four years in a role
  • Progression criteria within Auditor Professional Level A (Auditors 1-4 and Analysts) clarified.

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