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ADHC NSW Government hits new low on consultation YOUR JOB – YOUR FUTURE SURVEY

ADHC NSW government hits new low on consultation YOUR JOB – YOUR FUTURE SURVEY – May 2016 (PDF version)

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At our second consultation committee meeting representatives from NSW Industrial Relations (NSWIR) and Family and Community Services (FACS) finally made it clear to the PSA it won’t consult on privatisation transfer arrangements for ADHC employees.

This resulted in the PSA rallying members to attend the NSW Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) hearing on Monday morning. With 40 PSA members attending, there was standing room only in the courtroom, where Commissioner Newell noted the large attendance of PSA members and said it demonstrated a genuine interest and concern in the matter.

During the proceedings, the PSA argued ADHC staff deserved a say on their future and the transfer package. However, Government representatives confirmed plans to rob ADHC staff of public sector rights to consultation and to a transfer package equal to previous male-dominated industry privatisations.

Despite Premier Baird’s recognition on International Women’s Day women are generally paid less than male counterparts, he is still pushing forward with inferior transfer arrangements for the female-dominated ADHC workforce. While male-dominated privatisations have seen 30-week transfer packages and five-year job protection periods, ADHC staff get:

  • an inferior, two-year ‘protection’ period for pay, conditions and jobs (even then, two years is not legally enforceable and therefore can’t be guaranteed)
  • a second-rate transfer payment of ‘up to’ eight weeks
  • no public sector redundancy rights.

So what now? Your PSA will keep escalating until all options are exhausted. PSA members are strongly advised to actively join our campaign.

Here’s what’s happening next

Industrially, the PSA is seeking further legal advice.

Campaign-wise, we are urging all PSA members to join us at the “Stop the Corruption, Stop the Destruction” rally at Town Hall Sydney on 29 May at 1.30pm. Look for the PSA flags and members wearing our red T-shirts. T-shirts are also available on the day.

Organising-wise we are surveying members to test reports ADHC employees can’t stay in the disability sector if pay, jobs and conditions are undermined. The PSA is worried the Government’s wrong-headed approach to disability services will create a workforce crisis and the quality of services to people with disability will suffer. We therefore urge all PSA members in ADHC to complete the survey HERE.

This survey ends midday Wednesday 25 May 2016.

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