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Baird must do better for Home Care workers

Home Care Bulletin – Baird must do better for Home Care workers 5 December 2014 (PDF)

The PSA has received further correspondence from NSW Industrial Relations in response to the position the PSA has taken in the negotiations.

However there is still no agreement between the PSA, NSW IR and Home Care on a transfer package.

While many other issues are now agreed, the following matters are outstanding and fundamental to reaching agreement on a transfer package.

The major sticking points are:

  1. The Government has not yet agreed, nor given any commitment, to the PSA’s constant requests that any agreement reached be in a legally enforceable deed that will provide protection for the guarantee period.
  2. The eight week transfer payment is far inferior to any previous privatisation. The PSA will not accept this and will be writing back to the Government requesting it pays transfer compensation of up to sixteen weeks depending on years of service.
  3. Whilst the conditions in the Home Care Award are protected along with conditions referred to by that award, in other departments there are others enjoyed by PSA members that will not be protected. The PSA wants these recognised and contained in an enforceable industrial agreement, include allowances payable for the use of private motor vehicles, a review of allowances payable within the award, protection of trade union activities, responsibilities and consultation with the union, special leave and staff development and training.

One of the significant issues that the PSA is continuing to fight for and seek from the Government is that all employees have a choice of whether they wish to transfer to the new employer.

This choice should be made once a transfer package is agreed and the new employer known.

The PSA opposes the forced transfer of employees.

The PSA has written to the Government setting out these issues HERE.

Members will be aware that United Voice is about to begin meetings to inform its membership of the agreement it has reached.

PSA members should not attend these meetings as the information that will be given is not relevant to them.

United Voice cover carers who enter the homes. Their award entitlements are different and the protections they need to negotiate are not the same as those being fought for by the PSA.

The PSA understands that management has given instructions to ensure carers are rostered to attend the United Voice meetings. It is up to management to provide instructions on how clients’ care is to be covered.

Rostering of carers and ensuring care is provided is a management function.

PSA members should seek guidance from their supervisors about how to manage these instructions to allow carers to attend the meetings while ensuring proper care is provided to clients.

The Departmental Committee has decided that all bans be lifted in Home Care to ensure open negotiations with ADHC.

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