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Brand, Digital, and Communications Restructure

The restructuring within the Brand, Digital, and Communications (BDC) branch of the Customer Delivery and Transformation (CDT) Division is now well underway. We want to assure our members that the PSA will continue to stay engaged and maintain contact with the Department throughout the mobility process.

We strongly encourage our members to reach out to us at any point with any concerns or for advice and support during future implementation. You can get in touch with us by contacting the PSA Member Support Centre at or by phoning 1800 772 679.

Long-term Temporary Employees

Despite our vigorous advocacy, the department has declined to include long-term temporary employees in the mobility process, as requested since the outset of consultation by both impacted employees and your union. While not mandatory, agencies have the discretion to include individuals employed in temporary roles for at least 12 months (known as LTTs). The PSA will continue to champion our members’ interests and advocate against such unfairness in the upcoming review of the WMP policy.

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