NSWPF - Message from the PSA - Public Service Association

NSWPF – Message from the PSA

Following recent high profile incidents, the PSA would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for all our members involved in assisting and responding to these matters.

While the recent message from the Police Commissioner contained a number of thanks to Police Officers, Paramedics and bystanders, who rightly should be commended, there was no mention of our members in FETS, POLAIR, Intelligence, Police Link and Radio Operations Group, to name a few.

It is clear that the NSWPF is made up of extremely dedicated and hardworking staff, regardless of whether they are “Police Officers” or “Administrative Employees” (as you are named under the Police Act).

You all should be commended in the work you do, not just this past week, but every week of the year.

Award negotiations

In response to our previous communication around “Award negotiations”, the NSWPF promptly replied that negotiations with the PSA relating to employee groups covered by the Crown Employee (Public Sector – 2023) Salary Award and the Crown Employee (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Reviewed Award 2009, will be conducted centrally by the Premier’s Department Industrial Relations on behalf of all relevant agencies.

This is correct, and demonstrates the challenges in negotiating changes to a conditions Award – such as the Crown Employees (NSW Police Administrative Officers and Temporary Employees) Award 2009 locally, when a centralised agency (PSIR) negotiate changes to the salary Award.

The NSWPF have welcomed a meeting with the PSA to discuss further, which has not yet been finalised.  We will inform members when further meetings are held.

NSW Police Link Dispute

Police Link members would be aware that the PSA has brought an industrial dispute against the NSW Police Force (NSWPF) in respect of the NSWPF’s failure to permit part-time shift workers in Police Link to elect between a day’s wage or an additional annual leave day when ‘rostered off’ on a public holiday. The dispute is currently before Commissioner O’Sullivan in the Industrial Relations Commission.

Recently members in Police Link were asked for their opinions on an offer made by the NSWPF to settle the dispute. Members voted to accept the offer.

The offer was, in effect, that the NSWPF would abandon its recent changes to the rostering of part-time shift workers in Police Link and revert back to its previous rostering practices.

Discussions are continuing with NSWPF to finalise the settlement of this dispute. The PSA will be providing membership with a further update once the matter has been settled.

Special Constables

While discussions have continued regarding a potential offer to settle our work value claim for Special Constables, unfortunately there has not been any real progress and we have not received any formal offer to settle our claim from the Department.

We understand the frustration with these protracted discussions; however we will continue to advocate for a fair and reasonable resolution to our claim for Special Constables, even while we are awaiting a decision from the Full Bench of the Industrial Relations Commission.


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